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How to know if you qualify for an ESA animal? Know these 5 pre-requirements - 2021 Guide

Humanity has evolved over centuries once we were living in caves which later transform into villages and cities. We learned how to domesticate different animals and use them for our benefit. Among many we domesticated cows and sheep for human diet and dogs for their emotional support animal letter protection. It was a time when humanity decided to live in villages and livestock was the second most important source of food. We developed some sort of emotional attachment to animals and time passed by.

We make many inventions and advancements in the agricultural sector throughout millennia. But our attachment with animals remained the same even till today all diseases cannot be cured with medicines. Yes, it is true though it is an era of artificial intelligence and we have a cure of almost every disease. Still, we cannot cure a person facing different psychological issues. To cure the disease or loneliness of a person a licensed medical health professional or LMHP issues a letter. Having such a letter means you can legally own an ESA.

You just need to make sure that you should know how an ESA letter sample look like. There are several legit websites that provide the facility of getting an essay at your doorstep. Though they would not hand you the letter to you, rather you have to pass a rigorous test in the form of a questionnaire to qualify. Getting an emotional support animal is an established system for curing a person facing some psychological complications. According to the American Kennel Club, a person can have an ESA if he qualifies his psychological evaluation.

If you want to get a cheap ESA letter then you should know its procedure and period to get one. But a valid ESA can only be issued for one year after that time you have to renew it from the same LMHP. You can easily spot an ESA service if it is offering you a letter with lifetime validity; as there is no such thing. A valid ESA letter only lasts for a year and it requires renewal afterwards. It is because a psychiatrist would again evaluate your psychological and medical condition then would issue you a letter. I am writing down five requirements which are necessary to get an ESA from a professional LMHP.

How to qualify for an ESA?

Check your requirement/medical conditioning

You should be clear what is going on in your life and how you can make it better. If you think getting an ESA would help you a lot then you can have an emotional support animal. If you are having any traumatic experience like anxiety or worry a lot about tiny issues then you should consider having an emotional animal. Having an ESA would mean that you have to leave the premises of your house in order to relieve him from a call of nature; thus giving you a chance to socialize with people. That is why keeping an ESA would definitely bring charm and relief in your life.

Therapist recommendation

Your recommendation by an LMHP is necessary when it comes to getting an ESA letter. He will evaluate your mental health issue by applying different parameters. First, he will give you a questionnaire you can also call it a performa. Usually, it includes normal questions but the answers should be in the form of ‘strongly agreeing’ to ‘strongly disagree.’ The number of questions could be forty to fifty MCQs where you have to answer each one of them. If you answer all the questions then LMHP would determine your requirement of getting an ESA letter.

Mental health diagnosis

The irregularity is very important in your brain activities only then you would qualify for an ESA letter. You can also call it any mental disorder which is hindered in the performance of your daily routine. Apart from a test to diagnose it a proper therapy session is required with a therapist. If he is not satisfied the first time he may recall you for another session. If you are experiencing the following disorders then you can definitely have an ESA:

  •       Motor skills disorders

  •       Gender identity

  •       Bipolar disorder

  •       Cognitive disorder

  •       Mental retardation

  •       Sexual disorder

  •       Learning disorder

  •       Cognitive disorder

  •       Tic disorders

  •       Sexual disorder

  •       Drug abuse or alcohol disorder

  •       Attention deficit disorder

Reliance on animals

If you think or you have experienced that you are more attached to all kinds of animals and not allergic. Then you can definitely have an ESA. If you ever visited your friend's house who has a pet animal and you felt attached or attracted then it means you have the tendency to get attached with animals. If you think the experience of attachment was marvellous and you also need such an animal then you can definitely have one. You just need to make sure that you qualify for it otherwise it would become a lot complex to get a legal ESA letter.

You are more comfortable in the company of an ESA than humans!

An emotional support animal does not expect anything in return from you while humans would always want something from you in return. If you have friends who do not support you emotionally then you should definitely have a support animal. They do not expect or demand anything ESA Letter in return but a little affection which is free to give. ESA loves you unconditionally while a human love can have or require so many purposes ultimately bankrupting you. That is why you can save yourself from toxic people by having an ESA. 

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